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First Aid when Seeing Your Little Spasm Fever

Fever in some children can be followed by seizures. This condition is known as febrile convulsions. When faced with it, Mother is recommended to be vigilant but remain calm. Therefore, Mother needs to know the steps of first aid for your child who has a febrile seizure. Febrile seizures can affect children aged 3 months to 5 years, although children aged 1 to 1.5 years are more common. The cause of a child's body spasms during a fever is not known with certainty, but this is known to be associated with an increase in body temperature that is too fast and the child's body's ability to adapt to an increase in body temperature. The Condition of Children with Fever Before learning how to help your child, you need to know how to determine whether your child has a febrile seizure or not. A number of the following symptoms can help you recognize febrile seizures in your child: Body temperature rises to more than 38 °. His whole body, especially the legs and arms, looks sha
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Here are 5 things that make it difficult for you to have children

The presence of children is certainly very much awaited by married couples. However, some couples have not been blessed with offspring despite years of waiting. Why does this happen? Difficult to have children can be caused by various things, ranging from fertility problems, both to you and your partner, to a combination of health problems for both of you. To be clear, here are five factors that can make it difficult for you to have children. 1. High stress level The body knows that stress is not a good condition for fetal growth. This is evidenced by the disruption of the release of eggs by the ovary (ovary) when levels of cortisol (stress hormone) increase. That is why, the higher the stress level and the longer the stress lasts, the lower the chance of getting pregnant. In addition, when under stress, women also tend not to want to have sex, to consume more caffeine or alcohol, and do an unhealthy lifestyle. These things will help reduce the chance of getting pregnant. 2. Un

Do not be sad, get rid of inflamed zits this way

There is nothing pleasant about inflamed zits, because these zits can interfere with appearance and cause pain. If you have tried a variety of ways to get rid of it but it didn't work either, don't be sad, try some of the following ways to get rid of inflamed zits. Inflamed pimples occur when the area under the blackhead block is inflamed and reddened. Inflamed zits can also occur because you are doing the wrong way to get rid of zits. For example, squeezing zits in an improper way or using an unclean tool. This Is How To Get Rid Of Inflamed Acne Squeezing a pimple can actually be done alone at home, provided you have the right tools and sterile. You also have to know very well how to do the right technique. If not, you should not do it yourself. Unclean hand conditions, unsterile devices, and the spread of germs from pressed zits can actually make your zit worse, thereby making zits reddish, injured, infected, and more inflamed. In fact, do not rule out, acne can leave